E-Commerce Strategy
Posting Date : 11 Mar 2022 | Close Date :09 Jun 2022

Position Description

·       Identify issues, develop hypotheses, gather and interpret data, execute analysis, and present findings for SEA countries according to the business development stage and strategy orientation, including but not limited to seller performance incentive, agent management, business distribution, etc;

·       Establish a global merchandise business data analytics system, analyze and interpret merchandises' business data in-depth, monitor all links, find existing problems and assist in developing corresponding solutions;

·       Participate in the optimization of the overall business process, promote the systematic support required by the business, and solve the cross-team communication, coordination, and project promotion of the team conflict of interest in the merchandise management business;

·       Conduct market research, engage internal parties to understand behavior, motivations and identify opportunities.

Position Requirements

·       BA/BS degree preferred. Finance or data analysis majors are preferred. Seller operation experience preferred;

·       Excellent ability to analyze and solve problems. Great logical and data sensitivity;

·       Good communication and expression ability, executive ability, and anti-pressure ability.

·       Based in Thailand, proficiency in Thai will be preferred.


Sub Specialization : Finance;Account Executive;Business Analyst;Corporate Finance
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 3 Years
Work Location : Bangkok