House Manager
Posting Date : 11 Mar 2021 | Close Date :09 Jun 2021

Desired skills and competencies:

  1. Ability to engage with the Principal and guests with emotional intelligence
  2. Ability to respond to the Principal and guests needs promptly and delivering best high end service experience
  3. Ability to clearly communicate with Principal, guests, and team in bilingual Thai & English
  4. Ability to solve conflicts/issues with opposing interests in a smooth/diplomatic manner
  5. Ability to structure own and the team’s tasks while always retaining the overview
  6. Ability to balance out wishes from family members with requirements from the organization
  7. Willing to handle extra task beyond normal duties with flexibility
  8. Ability to manage and share sensitive information on a need-to-know basis
  9. Basic skills with Microsoft Office 365, MS Teams etc.

Key tasks & responsibilities:

The following key tasks should be solved in order to ultimately support the family needs and wishes in an efficient, smooth, safe, and reliable manner.

  1. Responsible of ensuring the house is always immaculate in all areas, with an eye to details - enhancing our Principals and guests’ experience
  2. Suggest, prepare, and arrange food and beverages etc. when needed
  3. Lead the housekeeping team e.g., by delegating and coordinating tasks and priorities, ensuring work schedule, participation in training and events etc.
  4. Ensure the defined service expectation is met by following and ensure others follow the SOP´s
  5. Ensure continuous quality control and high degree of communication with the local and central teams
  6. Coordinate, validate and monitor external contractors in the property with Property and Security Teams
  7. Ensure relevant and efficient provision and stoking of household items & supplies
  8. Identify and propose service improvements that can enhance the family and guest experience
  9. Manage and budget the petty cash, including cash advance for events and liaise with the Office Manager on the expenditures and disbursement
  10. Other duties as assigned

Sub Specialization : Services;Customer Services;Others
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 3 Years
Work Location : Bangkok