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Posting DateJob TitleJob Specialization Work Location
25 Jun 2019E-Commerce Store OperatorOthersBangkok
18 Jun 2019Programmer (Web and Mobile)Information TechnologyBangkok
18 Jun 2019Business AnalystInformation TechnologyBangkok
04 Jun 2019Administrative ManagerAdministrationBangkok
03 Jun 2019Manager (Smart Doorlock)SalesBangkok
30 May 2019Front End EngineerInformation TechnologyBangkok
30 May 2019Front End LeadInformation TechnologyBangkok
24 May 2019Accounting OfficerFinanceBangkok
23 May 2019International Spare Parts Sales (Admin)AdministrationBangkok
17 May 2019Production ManagerEngineeringSamut Sakhon
17 May 2019Manager (Toolling)EngineeringSamut Sakhon
17 May 2019Manager (Quality Control)EngineeringSamut Sakhon
17 May 2019Assistant Manager (FAE Robot Engineer)EngineeringSamut Sakhon
16 May 2019Legal OfficerOthersBangkok
16 May 2019Accounting Officer (AP)FinanceBangkok
15 May 2019Assistant Manager (Electronic Control Design Section)EngineeringSamut Sakhon
13 May 2019Manager (Project Engineer)EngineeringSamut Sakhon
10 May 2019Senior EngineerInformation TechnologySamut Sakhon
10 May 2019Senior Software DesignInformation TechnologySamut Sakhon
10 May 2019Deputy ManagerEngineeringSamut Sakhon